Food Service

Child Development Shreveport

Meals and Snacks:

Morning (cereal/pop tart. etc) and afternoon snack will be served at specified times. A nutritious lunch is provided and menus are posted monthly. Parents are responsible for notifying the center in writing of any known allergies.

Children dropped off after breakfast should be fed prior to arrival. Outside food brought into the center is prohibited. Exceptions will be made for noted medical conditions with documentation. Special diets are allowed with a physician’s written request.

Infant Food:

Formula and baby foods are to be supplied by the parents. Only plastic bottles are allowed. Louisiana State regulations require that parents must bring bottles prepared, and all bottles must have caps on them. Please label all bottles and food with your child’s first and last name. Any formula left over from a feeding will be saved for up to one hour. After one hour, the remaining milk will be discarded. No bottles will be reheated. All remaining baby food will be discarded at the end of the day or may be picked up by parents. Baby food must be in non-breakable containers. (No glass jars allowed.)